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Nashville Panorama (04/24/2021)

It has been a little over a month since making a painting video. There have been some home projects, most notably, refinishing a bathroom tub. And, although; there is an art to refinishing a tub, it is not the same as painting. I am glad to return to the Nashville Panorama. Today, I am using a larger brush to add some darker color to the buildings in the distance. Using a larger brush allows me to suggest shapes and texture without being too focused on detail.

Because it has been a month since working on the painting, the surface has cured completely to the touch. Cure means the oil in the paint is dry and it is no longer moveable on the surface. Most oil paint colors will cure to the touch within 4 to 7 days. Allow 6 months to cure for a completed painting before sealing the painting with varnish. This will allow the successive layers to cure before sealing the surface.

Also, painting with horizontal brush strokes tends to cure with a more glossy finish. If a matte finish is desired, use vertical brush strokes and do not rework the paint once it is applied to the surface. Painting in vertical strokes throughout the project, keeps a more uniform matte finish.

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