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Inglorious Chorus (02/15/2020)

It's been about a week since my last painting session. Over this time, simply viewing the painting has been my intent. This has given me time to identify areas of interest that I would like to emphasis in the composition today. The corner of the tall building at the right is a strong verticle element. I like the way the darkened windows in the building repeat as dark shadows in the streetscape below. My focus today is strengthening the repeating elements. A strong composition has a variety of visual elements. This particular painting has the corner of building with the repeating pattern of windows on the right of the canvas. In the upper part of the canvas, there is the solid color of the hazy rain and fog that obscures the silhouetted buildings in the background. In the center and lower area of the canvas is the streetscape with the shadows and dim street lamps. The street line's perspective appears to disappear behind the building's corner on the right. Visual elements lead the viewer's eye throughout the composition. Painting, like life, is a journey. I continue to take the steps, applying paint to the surface. I am not certain where it will take me, but I am interested to see what is around the corner.

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