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Inglorious Chorus (02/01/2020)

Inspiration can come from different places. This painting is inspired by a picture my partner took with his phone several months ago. It was a rainy, foggy night from the vantage point of a 5th floor restaurant over a downttown Nashville street line. My interest is the overlapping grids and converging perspectives within the image's composition. There is a very strong verticle a building in the foreground that points toward the center of the image at the middleground. Also, there is the street line in the lower section where the street's perspective disappears behind the building. Rain and fog appear to pour over the skyscrappers, dissolving the architecture into a solid color in the background. I am often interested in the combination of realism and abstraction in painting. Today, I am reinforcing the shadows near the buildings in the middleground, leaving the brightness of the street lamps and car lights for another painting session.

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